With its broad technology & product portfolio, Zylog compounds have been commercialized in several industries for several critical & aesthetic application.


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Washing Machines door seals, coupling, cuffs and elbows
Dryer door Seals and drum rollers
Dish washer pump seals, door gaskets, motor mounts & connectors
Molded & extruded refrigerator seals, drain tube and vibration pads
Non staining foot lugs
Grips, button & knob for vaccum cleaners, mixer, steam irons & other small appliances
Washing Machine door seal
Vaccum cleaners
Hair Dryer

Health Care

Syringe gaskets
Bottle droppers
Stop seals & gaskets
Medical device grips
Seals and gaskets
Bottle droppers
Syringe gaskets   Stop seals & gaskets

Electrical & Electronics

Cable connectors
Phase Barriers for switch gear contactors
Multi-meter housing grips & holsters
Connectors, seal, gaskets and grips for cell phones, remote controls, speakers and other electronics equipments
Telecom seal
Cable connectors   Multi-meter housing grips & holsters Speaker  


Grips of personal care products such as razors, toothbrushes and hair
Grips of household products such as kitchen tools and writing instruments
Soft-components for toys
Handle grips for garden tools, hand tools and power tools
Soft touch buttons & knobs
Luggage castors and handles
Furniture foot lugs
Handle grips Tooth brush grips
Razors grips


High-performance seals, gaskets and grommets
Industrial liquid conveying hoses
Seals, o-rings and gaskets for pipes
Industrial Castors and wheels
Hoses Castors
Gaskets and Grommets
Seals, O-Rings

Wire & Cable

Robotic Wire
Data and communications cables
Instrumentation wires
Submersible pump cables
Fiber optic cables
Flexible cords
Welding cables
Appliance wires
Battery cables
Rail and mass transit cable

What's New
Zylog enters into Definitive Agreement with LyondellBasell to sell PP Compounding Business.

Pune, India; November 30, 2015

Zylog, one of India’s leading polyolefin compounding...

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Zylog develops a range of TPO and TPE-V materials for Automotive Sealing applications

EPDM and PVC are dominant materials in the body sealing application for automotive, primarily on ...

Zylog develops TPO range for sheet extrusion & thermoforming application

Zylog has developed a speciality range of TPO compounds for sheet extrusion – helping enhan...

Zylog develops speciality range of TPEs for Medical Applications

Furthering productivity in the healthcare industry, Zylog has introduced a range of TPE compounds...

Case Study
Replacement of
Hi-Performance Engg. Plastics
Replacement of Metal
Replacement of Thermoset Rubbers / PVC