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Hiflex - Glass filled Polypropylene Compounds
Range of PP compounds coupled with short glass fiber / long glass fiber suitable for structural application replacing aluminum die cast, sheet metal & engineering plastics, providing excellent strength to weight ratio with good tensile & flexural properties & excellent creep properties.
Product Features :
High mechanical strength - High toughness at high stiffness
High notched impact strength – good energy absorption under impact stress
Low creep tendency
Good stability, rigidity & strength over broad range of temperatures
Good molding surface quality, reduced warpage
Good flow-ability - Constant glass fiber concentration even in thin rib areas
Special grades featuring the following specification are also available :
Long term thermal stability
Copper stability
Flame retardant – Vo, V1 & V2 – Halogen – free
Halogen-free & excellent electrical insulation
Hi-flow grades compared to conventional GF PP materials.
Front end module Hatchback & Tail Gate Trim inner
Bumper beam Oil Sump
Door Modules Radiator Fan Assembly
Instrument Panel Carrier Gear Shifter Base
Seat Pan & Seat Back Accelerator, Brake and Clutch Assembly & Pedals
Spare Wheel Pan