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NEOFLEX TM - Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)
Specialty range of TPEs based on chemistry of styrene block copolymers - further classified in SBS, SEBS; proprietary blends and alloys, & alpha-olefin compounds.
Product Features :
Wide hardness range from 20 Shore A to 50 Shore D, with density ranging from 0.90 to 1.15 gms/cc and more
Excellent resistance to UV-aging, ozone, weathering with excellent color ability and aesthetic properties.
Excellent resistance to several chemical agents, such as bases, acids, alcohols, water solutions, detergents etc.
Operating temperature ranging from - 40 to +100/120°C depending on the grades with high elastic recovery within wide temperature range
Adhesion on polypropylene (PP)
High fatigue resistance, thermal and electric insulation values
Specific rheology for each type of process
Special grades featuring the following specification are also available :
Very high resistance to weathering and UV aging
Low fogging value & Low compression set even at high temperature
Bondability to engineering plastics & excellent abrasion resistance
Suitability for food contact
Artificial Leathers, Interior Knobs, Buttons, Mats, Boots, Covers, Gear Lever Knobs & Bellows, Cup Holder Assembly & Coin Box, Key Grips,Plugs bumpers and grommet.
Refrigerator magnetic seals, electric appliance Handles, Remote Control Covers, Push Button Panels, Shock Absorbers.
Ski boots, Ski handles, diving gear - masks, snorkels, flippers, Step board Grips
Extruded Seals, Hydraulic Seals (co-extruded / co-molded).
Toothbrush Grips, Pen Grips, Gasket for Food Containers, EV Charging Cable Sockets
Flexible Storage Tanks for Potable Water, Ground sheets, High altitude tents, Roofing membranes, Lightweight swimming pool covers, Automobile interiors skins, Sports field covers, Awnings & Canopies,Tarpaulins