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NEOPLAST TM - Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV)
Range dynamically vulcanized polypropylene and EPDM compounds, versatile & durable solutions when your application requires properties close to Thermoset EPDM, while processing like any other thermoplastic.
Product Features :
Hardness range, from 30 shore A to 65 Shore D with a typical density of <1 gms / cc
Excellent resistance to UV ageing, ozone, weathering with excellent colorability
Excellent resistance to several chemical agents, such as bases, acids, alcohols, water solution, various polar solvents detergents etc.
Service temperature ranging from -50 0C to 125 0C & high elastic recovery within wide temperature range
Good fatigue resistance, thermal and electric insulation values
Good abrasion resistance & adhesion on polypropylene (PP)
Specific rheology for each type of process
Special grades featuring the following specification are also available :
Flame resistance (UL 94 – V0,V1,V2) – HOFR & HFFR
Low fogging
Excellent IR & VR properties
Hi-flow grades compared to conventional GF PP materials.
Wire & Cable
Robotic wire, Data and communications cables,Instrumentation wires,Submersible pump cables,Fiber optic cables,Flexible cords,Welding cables,Appliance wires,Battery cables,Rail and mass transit cables
Medical & Health Care
Syringe gaskets,Bottle droppers,Stop seals & gaskets,Medical device grips,Tubings,Seals and gaskets
Grips of razors, toothbrushes and hair dryers, kitchen tools and writing instruments, Handle Grips for garden tools, hand tools and power tools, soft touch buttons & knobs, Luggage castors and handles
Automotive Interiors
Dashboards Skins, Storage Mats & Console Lids, Horn Pad, Grab Handles, Hand Brake Lever Cover, Sound & Vibration Dampening, Air Vent Knobs
Automotive Exteriors
Lighting seals, Mirror mounting gaskets, Foot step mats, Antenna bezels, Roof rack gaskets, Splash shields, Mud guard flaps, Windscreen wiper cover seals, Spoilers, Two wheeler Blinker stays, Mirror grommets
Automotive Under the hood
Rack and pinion boots, Steering bellows, Air duct assemblies, Radiator air deflector seals,Firewall grommets, Gearbox seals, Suspension bellows, Dust cover boots, Control Cables, Fuel line hose jackets, Harnesses
High-performance seals, gaskets and grommets, Food-contact or potable water seals, hoses and tubes, Industrial liquid conveying hoses, Seals, O-rings and gaskets for pipes, tubes and hoses, Industrial Castors and wheels