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Quality Policy
Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy
Zylog is committed to preserving and nurturing the environment in which it operates as well as safeguarding its employees, associates and business partners through effective planning and implementation of QMS and EoHS policies.
Zylog is accredited by Bureau Veritas for :
ISO EMS 14001
BS OSHAS 18001
Zylog is committed to meeting customer requirements by maintaining and continuously improving its quality and environment management systems. The QMS deployed throughout the organization, is a continuous process involving identification and documentation of customer needs; development, manufacture and delivery of products and services to meet those needs consistently; customer feedback to assess performance and finally, action on this feedback to improve performance.

Product quality is maintained through systems of standardization and process control. As a producer and promoter of recyclable material, Zylog is committed to minimizing the impact that its products and activities have on the environment and complying with applicable environmental regulations.

Besides a QMS system, Zylog’s strong occupational safety and health policy directs the organization and its members with regards to on-job health and safety.

We are committed to demonstrate excellence and maintain Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety (EOHS) performance in an ongoing manner. Our EOHS considerations are well integrated at planning and operational stages of our activities, products and services.